About Us

Jason is a native of the live free or die state known as New Hampshire. He is a dedicated husband and a father of three boys. Jason has a big heart, very passionate and doesn’t waiver on his beliefs. People have been known to look to him for advice and guidance because he often speaks the truth and is straight forward in his approach. He has been through a lot in his life, and even though he hides his hurts and pains, his experiences are the very things that provide strength that drives him to be the motivated person he is today. He believes that we are all created equal in God’s perfect image, that we should be promoting the protections given to us by the founding fathers and the sacrifices that our service members make to protect those very liberties.
His ultimate vision is to help construct a charitable organization that will stand by those values, help bring positive changes into the communities and gain funding for that organization to achieve sustainable success. His passion and motivation will fuel him for attracting similar like minded people to join this mission. Jason has been known to always give it everything, dedicated to persevere learning the lessons meant to learn. No one and nothing can keep Jason down.


About Our Logo

Our logo was created with a significant meaning behind each fragment and we would love to share them with you.
The Earth is a representation of our home for all of Gods creations. The heart shaped hands symbolize the love that we have for all human kind. The seed on the top of the heart is a representation of life and the seedling symbolizes just how fragile life is and can be. On the bottom of our heart is the preamble of the constitution of the United States which protects every American’s liberties and ensures all of our freedoms. The different religious symbols remind us that we are free to worship or not to worship any God in our great nation. This is truly why we believe that All American Lives Matter!

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