Our Vision

Our Vision

Our mission at All American Lives Matter is to stand up for all people's equality despite your race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, economic inequality or however else people wish to divide us against each other. We want all to feel welcomed into our circle to help us collaborate in discussing current social challenges, solutions for helping those challenges and the funding required to assist in implementing those solutions. Sign up and help us today!

All American Lives Matter  was established to support equality and justice for all. We stand for the equality of all, despite your race, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, economic inequality, or however else people want to divide us.

Our mission is to expand by creating chapters in different counties so that we can create a more impactful and positive change by communicating with the states. All American Lives Matter  representatives will act as a liaison to the central or national head committee to help with the disbursement of resources needed to such communities as the head committee sees fit.

We aim to combat the injustices that happen to all of our citizens by creating a positive change and help enforce laws to protect those who fall victim to injustices. We support and stand for a wide array of causes to make America a great and just nation.

Preservation of History: We support the preservation of our history no matter how good, bad or ugly that history is so that future generations will hopefully not make the same mistakes or horrors of past generations. We believe that not all monuments promote good people and that they serve as a reminder, so we won’t forget the heroes of those monuments, and while we must preserve history, we should not celebrate the evil. 

Understanding Constitution: We want to promote in-depth teachings of the constitution and the bill of rights to understand better the protection that these important documents provide to all of America’s people. We feel it is necessary to understand why the powers are limited of the government over us, the people and that abuse of those powers by those in authoritative positions should be held accountable just like anyone of us citizens. 

Constitutional Rights: We support peacefully exercising our constitutional rights while understanding that we may need to exercise our second amendment right to defend our liberties if they were under attack by our government or another foreign power as our founding fathers intended when giving us the right to bear such arms.

Flag & National Anthem: We support our flag and the national anthem as the flag had represented freedom to so many nations, including ours, when it marched against the confederate army to free the slaves. The star-spangled banner is meant to unite this nation and represent all our people from different heritage, religions, ethnic groups and should rally all of us to promote freedom and equality as our liberties demand of our governments and its citizens.

Police Reforms: We would support a citizen-based review committee system that would be voted on in the upcoming elections to represent the communities to ensure transparency for the citizens of those communities while everyone is protected by the constitutional rights that we all share. We would support the use of body cameras, cruiser cameras and reforms to include law enforcement counseling required after traumatic situations. As well as annual counseling reviews to ensure the officer is in a stable mindset to perform their duties and can continue to serve the community’s protection from criminal elements. 

Respecting Views: We believe that it is ok for us to agree to disagree respectfully. We understand that different points of view or beliefs can help us grow as a better society by understanding different communities and their needs, enabling us to offer solutions on ways to create and perfect a better republic. Suppression of other religions and beliefs should be frowned upon even when we may not agree. We are not required to act upon anything that goes against our values or protections, for it is essential to remain civil even when civil discourse may present itself. 

Education Reforms: We aim to promote education reforms to empower future generations with the necessary tools needed to succeed in today’s capitalist economy by boosting vocational programs like carpentry, mechanical and electrical services, plumbing, HVAC, nursing and other similar trades in our high schools. Students should be provided scholarships in the first year of trade school outside of the high school to help with the start-up costs of classes and requirements required for trades class. We support the school choice programs to empower parents to choose what schools their children go to despite the economic situation of the community they live in because a proper education should be considered as a right to better our future as a republic. 

Language Barriers: We believe that Spanish should be taught in all schools starting as soon as English classes are being taught as part of the required curriculum to help solve the communication gap between the two major languages of our country. We can not identify or solve problems if we can not communicate with one another. 

Gun Safety: We want to get gun safety courses into our schools so that children are better prepared when coming across an unattended firearm. Our students should know what to do, who to call and to give the firearm the respect it deserves as mentioned by the bill of rights for all American citizens.

Pro-life Solutions: We want to promote and support pro-life solutions and organizations that offer these while respecting the woman’s rights to choose before the child becomes viable. This will be supported under the protections provided in Roe V Wade that once a child becomes viable, the child should have protections by the federal government from being terminated unless the mother of that child is at danger for health concerns or the child has unfortunately perished before birth. 

We want to promote and sponsor pro-life solutions such as adoptions for mothers to be who are unable to support the child and have gone past the termination period provided by Roe V Wade. We would support a woman’s right to choose before such a date, with the intent to properly educate them about all of their options before terminating the child in the womb. 

Legal Immigration: We would promote legal immigration into our country to continue to ensure the diversity of our nation and support the halt, if needed, to help the assimilation process so that our values as a nation does not diminish and we remain true to our values provided by the constitution. 

Cultural Integration: We support continued culture integration in our country and believe that all Americans possess the right to move freely as the individuals see fit by the different opportunities that are provided by the contrasting states to their citizens and that any form of segregation is highly opposed as we are all free people with protections provided by the constitution and bill of rights.

Clean Environment Solutions: We support clean environmental solutions while understanding the impacts of some needed businesses that are essential for our country’s survival. We believe that clean water, land and air are necessary for all creatures to survive. 

Wildlife Management: We support wildlife management and believe that it is our duty to preserve the Earth’s creatures for future generations so they can witness and appreciate because we as humans have sovereignty over all the creatures of the Earth. We support plans to replace the forest that get processed for our use so that the creatures of those environments have homes to return too and the next generations have resources to process.

Support for Servicemen: We wholeheartedly support and appreciate our servicemen and servicewomen who bear the selfless acts in our military branches and various organizations that offer substructure to those brave men and women by offering services to help provide such support.

Healthcare Reforms: We support healthcare reforms needed to ensure transparency for the patients needing services, a stable income for those who own, operate and work for those businesses, and those that supply said businesses while respecting that healthcare should be affordable and in the reach of all Americans who seek it. We believe that hospital services should have a total cost regardless of whether someone has insurance or what type of insurance they have. Irrespective of whether it is a state, federal or private entity, the discounted services should benefit the insurance company and offer more business opportunities for the healthcare provider. We should consider a profit margin regulation for such healthcare providers and pharmaceuticals, much like the electric companies, oil and gas and businesses, so that someone does not get charged an excessive amount for something that costs less to the establishment. 

Exploration of Energy Resources: We support the exploration of all energy sources that the Earth and the sun have to offer us, including green energy sources like hydropower, wind power, solar power, ethanol and fossil fuel and support perfecting and creating new efficient ways to use those fuel sources to ensure the next generations to come after us have fuel sources at their disposal as well.


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